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Karibou is headed by Daniel Paul an East London based high-end web designer and identity specialist.

Karibou was initially born out of a burning need to create digitally and was founded as a result of a very successful run of various projects.


Working with a business that ticks Karibou’s boxes means Daniel will deliver genuine innovate input to help open new doors to inform your businesses identity transformation. 

Karibou’s identity design is then developed into a high-end online platform where the two passions work hand in hand to deliver modern high quality results.


Karibou provide various tech based services. These include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), web hosting and email hosting for professional clientele.

We also provide high quality and reliable technical support for both private and business environments.

Daniel Paul Web Design East London

Fascinated by digital art since early childhood, Daniel is driven by the same burning need to create digitally now as what sparked all this off.

He is fascinated by all types of creation and channels his passion and talents particularly into developing Wordpress websites, creating beautiful clean logos and editing all types of professional photography.

He believes that good art and brilliant design can be used to make a huge difference in peoples everyday lives with the emotional impact it has on all of us.

Daniel is a committed networker and has a whole team of extremely talented people around him to help him successfully take on any project, reaching top professional results.

Daniel would like to see Karibou also move into the world of film and animation, with projects already in the pipeline.

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