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Karibou is a web agency based in one of East London’s most desirable locations for creatives. As a creative agency we are ideally located in the London Fields area for meeting with clients, networking and also some much needed enjoyable downtime between our projects.

Our House

Karibou houses its HQ in a ex-factory warehouse unit and is split into a multiple of divisions. Our web design studio is part of our web agency division that takes care of web design, WordPress development, SEO, content management and all other web agency work. There is also our identity design agency division where we deliver bespoke identity packages acting as a motivating brand consultant helping raise clients image, presence and impact to a new level. On the whole you could call Karibou a creative agency as we also represent a vast collective of creatives such as photographers, illustrators, animators, logo designers, graphic designers and filmmakers.


At Karibou we aspire to raise to high levels ourselves and to avoid falling into the category of yet another snooty design agency East London offers. We do not want to be know as just another web design studio either, we are a web agency that can look after every aspect of your businesses development project. With such a strong element of brand and image consultancy at it’s roots you can skip looking for a separate identity design agency. Our vision is to streamline our output, working with like-minded creative individuals who aspire for greater things for their businesses. We want to make a real difference in helping businesses grow so our workload is in-depth and extremely well thought out.

Karibou as a creative agency delivers conceptual ideas for incorporating film within out projects, we deliver high-end promotional material that can not online be used online but in other applications. Being situated in the Hackney area makes it easy for us to expand with individuals and business that are on the same page.

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